How to Choose Which Operating System for Your Computer

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How to Choose Which Operating System for Your Computer

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There are many different operating systems available for computers but which one should you add? This affects a number of factors – the type of computer you have, the type of hardware and software that it will support and how easy it is to use. The majority of people will use Windows or Macintosh but what about the others and what benefits does one have over the other?

Microsoft Windows One of the Most Popular

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular systems for computers and mobile devices. The current version is Windows 8 but there are still many people using Windows XP, Vista and 7. Windows 8 removes the start menu and offers an operating system that is perfect for mobile technology such as smart phones and tablet computers.

Windows computers are usually less than opting for other types of operating system. Many users are happy to gain more for their money and have a system that is easy to use, although Windows 8 takes some time to get used to it. It is possible to have plenty of space and the majority of programs are developed for use with it. Windows will run flash programs, which is a limitation of other operating systems.

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Apple Macintosh Computers the Earliest Development

Apple Macs are among the oldest computers and have a strong follower base. There have been numerous developments for Apple computers, including the iPad and iPad Mini which use the iOS operating system instead of the OS X (ten). However, there is very little difference between the layouts of the two, which makes it easier for users.

A major benefit of Macintosh computers is that they are less likely to be affected by viruses and security breaches. The security software is built into the operating system, unlike Windows where you have to install the software to protect it from these breaches. However, there are times that viruses will break through, so you still need to be careful.

Many graphic designers, music producers and others in the creative industries prefer to use the Mac operating systems because of the programs available. The drawback is that there are some excellent programs available that are not compatible and some websites will not show up well.

Linux Operating System for Customization

For those who would like the ability to customize their computer specifically for them, Linux offers this benefit. The software is open-source and easily adaptable but does take some time to learn how to use. This is commonly used by developers instead of the novice computer user.

Linux is available for free and can be downloaded onto the computer from the internet. It is possible to have it preinstalled but there is no need when it is so easily available. This will give you the chance to try it out without worrying about wasting money.

Placing Two Operating Systems on a Computer

It is possible for a computer to have two different operating systems installed. In fact, you can have as many installed as you want but this will affect your computer’s speed. You will need to choose the system that you run on when your computer starts up as it will not be able to run all systems at the same time. This is an excellent option for those who want to try something different or need their computer for different needs or different users.

Choosing your operating system is important. It affects everything about your system, including the type of hardware that you can use and the functions you have available.


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