3 Secrets to Hiring the Perfect Web Designer

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3 Secrets to Hiring the Perfect Web Designer

Your website is like your own virtual real estate online. You want to build the most beautiful web design so everyone on the internet can see. The only problem is that you will have to put your dream’s fate in someone else’s hands.

This is why it is vitally important to select the perfect web designer for your website, for instance Magento web design from Yoma. Choose the wrong one and you might end up with a wooden shack of a website instead of a mansion. In this article you will be learning the three secret tips to hiring the best web designer.

Steps to Hiring the Perfect Web Designer

The first tip is to review the web designer’s customer reviews. After all, their responses will be how your business with the web designer will be. Just because a web designer makes all of these big promises does not change the fact that history repeats itself. If they have mostly negative reviews in the past, expect that to continue.

The secret tip is to review their portfolio. Generally web designers have a style that they prefer or are exceptional at. Imagine you want an oil painting painted. Why would you select an artist that mostly makes sculptures? You wouldn’t. This is why you want to have a web designer that is proficient in the style of website you want. Do not settle for less, remember this is your dream website and you want it in capable hands.

The final tip is to see if they have passion about web design. Whether an army of one or a large company. If the people that are putting your website together do not have passion for web design and only care about the payment the results may be bad. Finding the web designer with passion means you will get a better quality website in a faster time.

If you follow these tips to the letter it will be impossible for you not to find a good web designer. Remember the future of your website can only go so far in your hands. Pass on your dream to the perfect designer to make it happen on the screen.

The services a business requires from a hosting provider such as webhostinguk.net depend on the use the Website is intended for. Selling products requires different services to selling services or using the site as a calling card.Cloud Storage

Web Designer for Small Business

Calling Card

If you are simply using your site to say who you are, and to introduce your services, you are likely to require only a fairly basic Website with a maximum of maybe three pages to show your services, contact information, credentials, and so on; a data-transfer limit of up to 100 MB/ month, and 10 MB of available storage space.


To sell services, your bandwidth requirements will be higher, between 1 and 100GB. Essentially, the more information is likely to be transferred between your site and visitors, and the more traffic you expect, the higher your bandwidth requirement will be. As services are rarely charged for via the Internet, ecommerce options like shopping carts, payment options, and so on, will typically not be required.

If content management – WordPress or similar – is to be included, you will also need at least one SQL database. As far as storage space is concerned, most small companies will find 500MB sufficient for their use, although it is obviously important to plan for future addition of files.

To allow for easy upload and editing of files, it will also be necessary to have File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts. Naturally, an associated e-mail account (complete with adequate SPAM filters) and a user-friendly control panel to allow for easy access are also essential.


In addition to the requirements for selling services, a Website selling products will also need a suitable shopping cart and payment options. If payments via credit/ debit cards will be accepted, the site will also need a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate to protect buyers’ sensitive card information against hackers.


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